Bo T. and Chef T McEnroe (no relation) had been travelling the same diverse subcultural dwellings for many years. Hiphop, noise rock, and the new electronic underground of the nineties… it was all just another taste in their musical gumbo.

It was only a matter of time before they would end up playing in a band together. MONK was one of the few true Belgian funk crews, and although it lasted only about four years, its reverberations would prove much more durable.

When the band was in need of a demo on a tight budget, our dynamic duo rose to the occasion, recording and producing four tracks in the comfort of their own home. While honing their production skills, Bo & Chef soon started experimenting with other breaks and beats, slowly distilling a distinctive personal style that blended oldschool boombap and electro with addictive guitar riffing and funk licks. All delivered in a slightly surreal sense of fun, as is evident from the patron saint whose name they chose for their unholy bond: the rogue trickster king of tennis: his royal badassness JOHN MCENROE.

When MONK called it quits, The McENROES pushed on – leaving in their wake a stream of totally unique beats and grooves. After a few years, the logical next question arose: what to do with all this varied & prolific output? Not only had the two worked together for years, they had also engaged in solo productions as well as collaborations with friends and passersby.
In the emerging spirit of online DIY they decided that instead of finding a label to release their stuff, they might as well create one for themselves.  After all, what defines a label nowadays is a name, a logo and consistent art style, and a channel to release music


The name took some doing – after much hazy latenight brainstorm sessions they haphazardly landed on a cryptic acronym that immediately triggered their senses: NAPE Records was born.

What does it mean? Nobody knows! But everyone is sure welcome to offer suggestions, and yours will be as good as the next one.

All involved agreed that the logo design for the new label simply had to be. Just. Right. A promising young designer named Natali Diaboli was put on the case, and when her proposal finally arrived in the mailbox, it turned out to be spot on. The NAPE boys were over the moon, and still riding that high when another giant stroke of luck hit home: their longtime pal and associate Makker presented himself as the in-house designer, applying for the job with a spontaneous moodboard that seemed to reach inside the label’s very soul, carefully pull out all the best parts and pour them into a striking visual style. Here was the making of a triumvirate. Yes, a triumvirate we tell you!

Anyway, finding a channel was the easy part. Bandcamp was obviously the answer to all of NAPE’s practical needs, and it now stands as the central hub around which all other output and media channels are linked. Up until now, all releases have been strictly digital, but already diabolical plans are being hatched for some serious physical goodness.


In the NAPE universe, all releases are created equal – we don’t discern between an album, an EP or a single, between digital or physical, between songs, beats and mixtapes. A recording is a recording is a recording, no more no less. Everything is fair when you’re living in NAPE city. 

This “anything goes” approach extends into the musical direction of the label. Our first few releases already range from classic hiphop beats to freak electronics, ambient guitar jams and live funk recordings. And that’s for starters!

The sound of NAPE will be whatever we think fits the description. Expect regular releases/output (singles / EPs / albums) by artists of the label’s roster, mixtapes, collabs, remixes for and by affiliated artists,/fresh and established talent sharing the core NAPE philosophy crazy physical output, and the occasional label night whenever we feel like it.