NAPE 011 – JĪMĪ DØPĒ mix

This jam was recorded LIVE during a late nocturnal back to the roots session at NAPE HQ’s. It’s a collage blend of original McENROES material from the NAPE catalogue, classic breaks and samples from all over the place – sources include Jimi Hendrix, Squarepusher, A Tribe Called Quest and Luke Vibert.  Edited and tweaked from a rough cut, to a lean mean bite-sized assault on all senses.

We dedicate this mix in name and spirit, to the groove and flavour of Jimi Hendrix. A singular soul if there ever was one.

For the promo video, we decided to go for a tribute to the late night German “train ride” television programmes we fondly remember from back when they would be the best thing to put on & zone out to at night. But rather than follow the latest trend of “slow TV”, we instead went for a retro psychedelic remix of a mounted cam car trip around our Antwerp hood and outskirts.

So put on your headphones, hit “fullscreen” and let us ride…






Mixed and arranged by McENROES, of course.
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Graphic design: Makker
Original logo artwork by Stijn Claikens