NAPE009 – D-STRUCTURE* – 6X 51 (Ooh Na Na) // or:g:nal f:x

A new band with a fresh sound for 2015:
manic D-funk for b-girls/b-boys with a guilty pleasure for ‘90s rave.


produced, arranged & mixed by d-structure*
at the d-structure* room, Antwerp, 2014-2015
mastered by Simon Davey at The Exchange, London

graphic design: Makker
original logo design by Tom Tosseyn

Video shot & edited by Blubvideo
Performance by Alice Philips
Special thanks to Anneke Wastyn for styling make-up & Ellen Blereau for some funky props



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A new band with a fresh sound for 2015:
manic D-funk for b-girls & b-boys with a guilty pleasure for ‘90s rave.

With a new hybrid sound for your ears, this hiphop-based electronic project is all about visceral drum patterns and bass heaviness, injected with haunting vocals and dramatic orchestral melodies.

On top of their mutilated electro funk, the producing duo blend in their personal love for all things acid house, oldskool rave & hardcore jungle.
The true hiphop legacy is strong in this one, but becomes mixed with shuffled 808 patterns and hectic double-speed rhythms, upbeat synth rolls and old-school hoover sounds.

This ain’t plain club music – D-STRUCTURE* provides twisted yet harsh melodic breaks for the next gen of ravers with a shameless boombastic ambition to rock festival grounds on a stadium size.

Once more, Rave is ON.


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Distributed by Sideburn Records

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